The Christian’s Unfair Advantage in Business

mano, dito, grafico, crescita,by: Dr. Jim Harris

Believers in business have an unfair competitive advantage that few realize and even fewer use.  This advantage is based upon how you answer one critical question: What Leads You?

The Frightening Reality

The vast majority of business professionals are a combination of being head-lead, idea-led, opportunity-led, money-led, pressure-led, expert-led or even feelings-led. The frightening reality is that the vast majority of believers in business are also led by exactly the same things.  Therefore they realize no competitive advantage over their competitors based upon their faith.

So where does this advantage live? It comes alive by making the “Big Shift” from being led by the What to instead being led by the Who.

But there is a growing army of believers in business (what I call the 2%ers) that refuse to ever again be led by the What. They instead make the big shift to being led by the Who – the Holy Spirit living inside them!

Be Led by the Who

It should not be a surprise that so few of us are currently Who led. We’ve not be taught about it, what to expect, and especially how to led by the Spirit at work. But now we are!

Think about it this way: the same Holy Spirit that lived in Jesus lives in you. He knows everything about everything past, present, and future. He is ready and willing to:

  • Lead us in everything we do (Romans 8:14-16)
  • Search and share the deep things of God (1 Corinthians 2:9-11)
  • Let us know the things that have been freely given to us by God (1 Corinthians2:12)
  • Guide us in all truth & tells us things to come (John 16:13)

It is overwhelming to even consider the outcomes in our work, our companies, our communities, and in our world when we decide to only be led by the Holy Spirit in our business. Imagine what He could do through you when we unleash the power of heaven already living inside you into the marketplace!

Unbelievers do not have this supernatural advantage (1 John 2:15-16 & John 14:16-17). We do. The question now is: are we willing to make the big shift?

OUA_3d cover_transparent backgroundJoin the Movement

More and more believers today are unleashing their unfair advantage, not for personal gain as much as for eternal gain. They are hungry and thirsty to allow the spirit of God to work through them and into their stores, offices, and workplaces. But until now, few resources have existed to help believers learn how to tap into the Holy Spirit at work.

In Our Unfair Advantage: Unleash the Power the Holy Spirit in Your Business, I teach 2%ers how to recognize and overcome the roadblocks you face on being Spirit-led in your business. Even more important, I teach six key ways to unleash the Holy Spirit through you and into your business—without having to quote even one scripture!

My prayer is that you are ready to make the big shift – to join the thousands of other 2%ers as together we unleash the power of the Holy Spirit in marketplaces across America and around the world!

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  • shoba macintyre

    Love this article and i agree with it

    Another way of looking at it, I think at least, it’s God’s way of making it up to us cause we cant lie, cheat, pull strings,grossly hike prices, etc etc etc etc….sometimes what really seems like an added advantage is God’s way of leveling the worldly game for us ;p Im not suggesting that this will not lead to success…..but i don’t think God wants us spoon fed

    • Darren Shearer

      Interesting perspective, Shoba. I think it depends on how we define “success” in business. I believe that, in business, people are seeking fulfillment, peace, significance, etc… more than they are seeking money. Money is just a tool to get what we want. I believe the “unfair advantage” of the Holy Spirit is what makes it easier for Spirit-led people to experience the best in life… and in the marketplace… the things that everyone wants deep down. When we define “success” this way, the things you mentioned (e.g. cheating, hiking prices, etc.), are disadvantages in business and in life.

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