Top 10 Most-Popular Theology of Business Podcast Episodes

The Theology of Business Podcast has now been downloaded in 80+ countries where it is helping Christian business professionals to partner with God in business. In case you haven’t already subscribed, here are the links… CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE ON STITCHER RADIO Below is a list of the Top 10 most-popular Theology of […]

5 Biblical Entrepreneurship Principles to Teach Your Kids

I am sitting side-by-side with my son, Kenny as I write this article. He is feverishly banging out the keys of a 1,000 word-blog post titled, “How I Earned My First $100: A Middle Grader’s Business Journal.” Kenny will also be creating cool Lego animations as well to see if more kids grab onto his […]

5 Ways God Accomplishes Goals (And How You Can Do Likewise)

Do you ever find yourself submitting to the tyranny of the urgent, unscheduled, and unimportant tasks in your business? For example, do you sometimes allow your e-mail inbox to be the primary dictator of your schedule for the day? Not only did God create time, He has shown us the best ways to manage it […]

3 Trends in the Marketplace Christianity Movement

The old Sunday-Monday, sacred-secular divide has been closing faster in recent years. The Church in the marketplace is maturing, and the Marketplace Christianity Movement is advancing. In a previous post, I shared a brief history of the Marketplace Christianity Movement (1930 – present) to show how we arrived at this adolescent phase of the Movement. […]

The Marketplace Christianity Movement: A Brief History (1930 – Present)

What is your personal role in the Marketplace Christianity Movement? Today, an increasing number of Christians are becoming interested in launching initiatives to glorify God in the business world. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably one of us. What are the current trends in the Marketplace Christianity Movement, and how can we get involved […]

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