Christian Values in the Film Industry (w/ Matthew Faraci, President of Inspire Buzz)

How is God working in the film industry? Matthew Faraci is President of Inspire Buzz, an entertainment marketing firm solely focused on delivering the values audience. Prior to founding the company, he worked successfully with more than a dozen companies in the entertainment, corporate, public policy, and non-profit spaces, designing highly customized strategies—fusing proven and […]

Salesmanship as a Christian: How to Sell Without Selling Your Soul

The term salesmanship often conjures up sleazy connotations. Its trademark cliche is the used car salesman—the living embodiment of lies, coercion and manipulation. Salesmanship should be nothing like this. Christian businesses rely on sales, and sales rely on salesmanship. So I’d like to help you take the idea of salesmanship captive to obey Christ by […]

Jesus: The Greatest Marketing Genius of All Time

In your opinion, who is the greatest marketing genius of all time? As I have asked other people this question, the most frequent responses have included Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Lady Gaga, and other influential people. Now, imagine yourself sitting in a “Marketing 101” class in college. Your professor says, “Class, today, we […]

(Interview) Jesus & the Role of Storytelling in Business (with Taylor Jones, Co-founder/CEO of Whiteboard)

How did Jesus use storytelling, and what is the role of storytelling in business? Taylor Jones co-founded Whiteboard, an award-winning creative agency whose client list includes Chick-fil-A, Passion Conferences, Youth For Christ USA, and Q Ideas. With over a decade of experience in programming, U/X design, and accounting, Taylor serves as Whiteboard’s CEO and leads […]

(Interview) A Biblical Approach to Selling (with Tim Brown, founder of Three Creative)

How do you integrate your Christian faith and values into the sales process? Tim Brown is the founder of Three Creative, a leadership company out to positively impact one million lives through life changing books and trainings. Tim has a passion for developing individuals responsible for sales and business development and creating momentum around powerful […]

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