Target & Ask Big: Two Ways to Do Marketing Like Jesus

If Jesus taught a class about marketing, what might He say? Considering that one out of every three people in the world claims to be a follower of Jesus, he is unquestionably the greatest marketer in history. Whether you’re a businessperson trying to sell more products or services, a non-profit leader trying to recruit more […]

(Interview) Steve Hoeft: Founder of Marketing Agency Twice Listed on Inc. 500

Steve is the former president of direct marketing for multibillion dollar ad agency DMB&B. He became an entrepreneur when he founded SRH Direct Marketing, twice recognized for its success by the Inc. 500. Steve has helped guide the strategic planning of hundreds of companies – from start-ups to Fortune 500 world-class brands – including SeaWorld, […]

3 Characteristics of Ethical Marketers

A study recently revealed that 25% of Facebook ads promote counterfeit products. With headlines like this, it’s no wonder why most of us have a hard time believing the claims of marketers. Whether as a politician trying to win more votes, a pastor trying to get more members, a businessperson trying to sell more products […]

What Do the Pharisees Sound Like in Your Industry?

Are you confronting the status quo in your industry to serve people more effectively? In your community? In your nation? In the world? When jets and trucks began to dominate the transportation business in the 1960s and 1970s, railroad companies declined rapidly. While this may seem logical considering the new advents in technology, it was […]

Why Marketing Is a “Spiritual” Endeavor

The film, Inception, tells of a world in which people have the ability to mentally break into each other’s subconscious thoughts to extract information and implant thoughts. In the film, the process of invading another person’s subconscious is referred to as “inception.” Although we may want to assume that we are highly selective in our thinking, […]

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