The Christian’s Unfair Advantage in Business

by: Dr. Jim Harris Believers in business have an unfair competitive advantage that few realize and even fewer use.  This advantage is based upon how you answer one critical question: What Leads You? The Frightening Reality The vast majority of business professionals are a combination of being head-lead, idea-led, opportunity-led, money-led, pressure-led, expert-led or even […]

7 Reasons Why the Marketplace Is a Great Place for Christians

If God has called you into business, please don’t wish you were called somewhere else. The marketplace is a great place for Christians right now. Here’s why: Reason #1: Almost all non-Christians are in the marketplace. Today, less than 20% of Americans attend church regularly. In many European countries, the percentages are much lower. At […]

11 Spiritual Gifts Being Used in Business

What does marketplace ministry look like? In other words, what does serving God in a business setting look like? As Christians working in the marketplace, most of our initial responses to these questions likely would depend on what our spiritual gifts are. Here’s my short answer: Marketplace ministry looks like your spiritual gift (whatever that […]

How I Went from Seminary into Business (Darren’s Story)

When I once shared with a businessman that I was in seminary, studying theology in preparation for going into business, he responded without hesitation, “Does that mean you’re planning to become a televangelist?” Many of my fellow Christians have been equally as baffled as to how theological training is relevant to the marketplace. In this […]

(Interview) Spiritual Gifts in the Marketplace (Case Study – Paul Williams, Cyber Security Expert and Entrepreneur)

Paul Williams is regarded as one of the foremost experts on secure network design in the U.S. today. Mr. Williams has thirty-five years of breakthrough innovation and invention in cyber security, artificial intelligence, high speed databases, professional software development, software quality test engineering, electronics, communications, mechanical engineering, weapons development and defense related technologies. Currently Chief […]

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