Building a Kingdom Business with Your Spouse (interview w/ Aly Salz)

Is God calling you to build a business with your spouse? Aly Salz has a Bible school and a business school background. While in undergrad, Aly and her husband Rick started a business together, now called Righteous Clothing Agency, Inc., which specializes in corporate identity gear. The Portland, Ore., business has flourished, now employing dozens […]

5 Ways God Accomplishes Goals (And How You Can Do Likewise)

Do you ever find yourself submitting to the tyranny of the urgent, unscheduled, and unimportant tasks in your business? For example, do you sometimes allow your e-mail inbox to be the primary dictator of your schedule for the day? Not only did God create time, He has shown us the best ways to manage it […]

How Tithing Can Lead to a Massive Vision

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a trap of small thinking? Personally and professionally speaking, do you lack a big vision for your life? If so, I have something that might help. It’s called tithing. That’s right… the biblical practice of returning the first 10 percent of your income to God. You’ve probably […]

Cease Striving: 4 Reasons to Rest on the Sabbath

In 12 years of serving the Lord, I have heard countless sermons about tithing but only one sermon about taking one Sabbath Day of rest each week. Yet, observing the Sabbath is at least as important and beneficial as the practice of tithing. The Sabbath causes a blessing on our time in the way that […]

4 Reasons Secular Humanism Is Bad for Business

4 Reasons Why Secular Humanism is Bad for Business

In his 1969 Harvard Business Review article, “Is Business Bluffing Ethical,” Albert Carr suggested that those who “win” in business are not those who seek to apply Christian ethics (e.g. the Golden Rule, etc.) but those who approach business as they would a game of poker. He argued that “conscious misstatements, concealment of pertinent facts, […]

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