(Interview) A Biblical Approach to Selling (with Tim Brown, founder of Three Creative)

A Biblical Approach to Selling

Tim Brown, founder of Three Creative

How do you integrate your Christian faith and values into the sales process?

Tim Brown is the founder of Three Creative, a leadership company out to positively impact one million lives through life changing books and trainings. Tim has a passion for developing individuals responsible for sales and business development and creating momentum around powerful sales engines. Previously, he was the president of Concord Energy Holdings, a Colorado-based integrated commodity logistics and oilfield services company. Prior to Concord, he was the founder and CEO of Radius Media Holdings, which provided a variety marketing services ranging from radio broadcasting, including twelve locations in Colorado, eighteen owned-and operated live events in the Colorado resort communities, a large-format printing company, and a sponsorship marketing agency. He has worked with companies like Cisco Systems, Alteon Web Systems (Nortel Networks), American Power Conversion, and Xircom. Tim is the author of Jumping into the Parade: The Leap of Faith That Made My Broken Life Worth Living. Tim is partnering with God in his business every day to make a difference in society and in eternity.


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  • Myson Jones

    Enjoyed this episode. Coming from sales rep, I’d love more episodes strictly on the topic of sales and theology.

    Thanks for posting this Darren

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