“I am so thankful that I discovered your blog, website, and podcast. It all has been such a blessing to me and I know it has blessed many others as well. I love the fact that you are bringing Jesus Christ to the market place and sharing your insights and thoughts with us. I have struggled for many years trying to understand my role in Gods kingdom. I have always been bent toward the business but felt in a way that I was abandoning God to pursue business. Your work has helped me see that in pursuing business I am pursuing God and I can have an impact for Him no matter if I’m in business or in the church. I look forward to hearing and reading more from you. Thank you again for all you do to bring the gospel to the world of business.”

Jeff Hamilton, Owner, Hamilton Freight Solutions


“I think it was about a week before I discovered your Podcast that I was really struggling with and praying about finding some way to imitate God and find an example in the Bible for business (I forget if it was marketing in particular). Marketing was my greatest struggle, and so when I heard about your book Marketing Like Jesus was huge for me… Your podcast is now my favorite business podcast; you’re balanced, practical, and relaxed.”

Josh Powlison, Owner, Stories LC