Provide & Protect: Two Ways to Be a King in Business

[Preface: In a previous article titled, “Why Business Is Full-Time Ministry,” we explored our callings to be “royal priests” in the business world (1 Peter 2:9). In that article, I talked about the marketplace Christian’s two primary duties as God’s priests. Now, I want to talk about two of our primary duties as God’s kings, […]

(Interview) Why Business Competence Matters to God (with Dan Meylan, Founder & President of Weavers)

Dan Meylan shares the nine core business competencies that people need to have, and he shares why business competence matters to God. Dan is the founder and president of Weavers, a ministry to business owners dedicated to expanding the “kingdom impact” of those who serve the Gospel as leaders in the marketplace. He is the […]

(Interview) A Biblical Model of Business Leadership (with Ford Taylor)

Ford Taylor had built a $300 million company that had 2,000 employees at the time when he left to begin teaching about transformational leadership full-time. He is the Founder of The FSH Group, which is comprised of Transformational Leadership Training, the FSH Strategy Consulting division, and the charitable FSH Foundation. Ford is the co-author of […]

Four Qualities of a Christ-Centered Business (and what a Christ-Centered Business is not)

Should businesses be “Christ-centered”? Or, is that calling reserved for your local church? Most Christian business professionals are employed within “Babylonian” organizational cultures. Unlike Daniel, Shadrach, Meshech, and Abednego, these Christians in “Babylonian” businesses won’t be thrown into a lion’s den or a fiery furnace. However, the corporate cultures in which they perform their jobs […]

(Interview) Bruce Dingman: One of BusinessWeek’s Top 100 Headhunters in the World

Bruce Dingman is the president and owner of The Dingman Company, which is a retained executive search firm serving mid- to large-size organizations in hospitality, education, Christian non-profits, manufacturing, technology, senior living, and various other industries. BusinessWeek recently ranked Bruce among the Top 100 Headhunters in the world. One of the reasons I wanted to have Bruce […]

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