A Cornerstone Advisory Group is a peer advisory board for Christ-centered business executives cultivating Christ-centered companies.

What makes the Cornerstone group model special:

  • Measurable, Bible-based business education through cooperative dialogue (Socratic Method)
  • Fellowship with other Christian business executives
  • Efficient, virtual meetings
  • Action-oriented accountability
  • Clarified decision-making
  • A facilitator focused on your growth
Here are a few details about how your group will operate:

  • Meeting length/frequency = 90 minutes, 2x per month
  • 100% virtual via Zoom
  • 75% minimum attendance required
  • 3-month commitment
  • Limited to 7 members each (plus facilitator) for maximum engagement
  • Teaching provided prior to meeting
  • Discussion responses timed for max participation
  • Recurring meeting time will be set by you and the other members of your Cornerstone group
Darren and Cornerstone Advisory Group have been great for me (a solo family law attorney). Darren does a great job giving us good biblical content to work on for our businesses and creating a humble, helpful, encouraging atmosphere with exhortations to take the next step. In an abundance of counselors there is wisdom, safety, and victory, and I am helped in these ways through this group.

Roy Huddle, P.C.

Your $125 monthly membership fee will include the following:

  • (2) 90-minute meetings per month with group of (5) Christian business executives and a facilitator (Darren Shearer)
  • The Christ-Centered Company Assessment (taken at onboarding and updated over time)
  • Spiritual Gifts in the Marketplace Assessment (taken at onboarding)
  • On-demand access to Biblical Standards for Businesses Course
  • Two books: Marketing Like Jesus and The Marketplace Christian by Darren Shearer
  • The Christ-Centered Company Assessment (taken at onboarding and updated over time)